About Us

Apart from being a qualified accountant Barry has spent most of his working life as a Finance Director & Managing Director with good overseas experience. Barry has a very rounded picture of most of the difficulties business life can throw at a SME. In more recent years Barry has been giving business advice to SMEs and has assisted more than one in overcoming financial obstacles and, in doing this, mentored and trained the management in financial measurement and awareness.

F.C.C.A., F.C.M.I.

Who are we?

We are a group of independent, qualified, business advisors working across the UK.  We all have hands on experience of running our own businesses.

We are committed to assisting businesses though some of the toughest challenges a business can face – survival.

Our first objective is to help the company recognise and understand the situation then set realistic objectives. After that we help them through the inevitable difficult times that follow. In doing this we encourage continuity but if that is unrealistic assist them to minimise the damage to themselves and third parties.


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